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the zero-configuration build system
iCompile is the easiest way to compile your C++ projects on Linux and OS X. It creates executables, static and shared libraries, and HTML documentation with no per-project configuration or scripts.

How It Works
iCompile makes the reasonable assumption that you want to compile all C++ files in the current directory into a single executable whose name matches the directory name. It analyzes your code and then, like an experienced Unix programmer, executes the compiler and linker with just the right options. Of course, it also tracks dependencies and recompiles only the minimum number of files.

Goodbye, Makefile
iCompile does not require you to edit compilation scripts, write dependency rules, or even specify which files are in your project (goodbye,,, and Makefile). It automatically detects when new files are added and when dependencies change (goodbye, make --depend).

Look at an example of iCompile in action.